4. Reference

The corfu package contains the following functions:

corfu.ptoxi(k, p, q=0.0, d=0.0, limber=False)[source]

compute 3d correlation function from power spectrum

  • k (array_like (N,)) – Wavenumbers.

  • p (array_like (.., N)) – Power spectrum. Can be multidimensional. Last axis must agree with the wavenumber axis.

  • q (float, optional) – Exponent of power law bias for fast Hankel transform.

  • d (float, optional) – Logarithmic shift of output sequence.

  • limber (bool, optional) – Compute Limber correlation function for equal time approximation. Default is False.


compute nodes for the angular correlation function

Returns \(n\) angles \(\theta_0, \ldots, \theta_{n-1}\) at which to compute the angular correlation function when estimating the angular power spectrum using corfu.wtocl().


n (int) – Number of nodes.


theta – Angles in radians.

Return type

array_like (n,)

corfu.xitow(theta, f1, f2, xi, progress=False)[source]

unequal time projection

corfu.xitow_limber(theta, f12, xi)[source]

equal time projection

corfu.wtocl(theta, w, lmax=None)[source]

corfu.cltow(cl, theta)[source]